Mr. Abdul Hamid Madadi Afghan ITF President

Tae Kwon Do ITF introduced by an Afro-american, Mr. Phil Cunningham Junior for the first time in 1973 to his Afghan students.

He has begun to teach Tae Kwon Do in Kabul Afghanistan. His very first certified students were Mr. Assad Oriakhel, Mr. Humayoun, Mr. Khalil, Mr. Ateeq, Mr. Habib, Mr. Wahid and Mr. Meraj.

After a short period and political development in Afghanistan everything has changed and the new generation of Afghan Tae Kwon Do was born.

All those instructors who mentioned above took their responsibility and developed the Tae Kwon Do and trained many students as well, which is too difficult to mention all of them.

Like many other instructors, Mr. Assad Oriakhel, trained many good students which Mr. Abdul Hamid Madadi is one of them. He is totally involved with this sport from 26th. April 1978 until now.

Since five years he was certified 5th. Degree Black Belt and he is the head instructor for his many students in Netherlands (Holland) as a good mentor and guide for many others abroad and inside Afghanistan.

He is now 6th. degree Black Belt holder since 27th. November 2011 and officially the President of Afghan ITF.