If you have information and introduction with Afghan Taekwon Do in general, our clubs were the most active and interactive clubs in Kabul- Afghanistan since 1980's.

Our certified instructors trained many good and best students for Afghan Taekwon Do society. You may know some of them, like Mr. Assadullah Oriakhel, the head instructor and founder of Assad collective and one of Sir Phil Cunningham Junior's (The father of Afghan Taekwon Do) students.

Mr. Assad Oriakhel

Trained many students and his few students followed his path and continued to train and teaching Taekwon Do. For your more information we introducing some of his best students here:

Mr. Hamid Madadi

was head instuctor at his own TKD club or school in Bagh-e Bala and now he is the president of Afghan ITF, he is right now active instructor and mentor for his many students in Holland, where he lives. He is 6 th. Degree Black Belt Holder and has a very close coopration with Afghan ITF Vice president inside Afghanistan to develope this sport to reach the Afghan ITF goals.

Mr. Omid Sakhi (Reza)

had his own clubs in Deh Buri, Accounting Inst. in Dar-ul Aman, Kabul- Afghanistan. He lives in Germany and he is actively 4th. Degree Black Belt Holder.

Mr. Anwar Yousufi

like other instructors in Assad Collective had his own clubs or TKD schools. He start to train TKD in Deh Buri after that Accounting Inst. in accompany with Mr. Omid Sakhi (Reza), Bagh-e Bala, Kabul Unversity, Kabul Social Science Ins. and when he was refugge in Pakistan he began to collect Afghans to teach them TaeKwon Do and he did it.

After few years when his father Mr. Sakhi Dad (late) found Afshar School which has changed name to Marefat high school, start to teach TKD beside the tution for Mrefat's Children who intrested to this genre of Martial arts. He continued his activity as TKD head instructor in Mrefat High School, when the moved and returned to Kabul- Afghanistan and now he is 5th. Degree Black Belt Holder and the vice president of Afghan ITF.